INSTRATECH SPM is a software system built specifically for businesses processing steel structures and pre-engineered steel buildings. Information management system throughout, synchronously from design to production, quality management, packing - delivery, receiving - erection on site.

This product inherits and learns from the superior features of management systems applied at GS E&C, Huyndai Engineering, Posco E&C, PTSC, Dai Dung, Steel Builder, ATAD...

Project – Manage project information

  • Manage general project information
  • Timelines: drawing date, production date, delivery date, erection date
  • Priority level

Engineering – Design data management

  • Managing drawings & documents for construction: Approval Drawing, Assembly Drawing, Single Part Drawing, GA Drawing, CNC File...
  • Manage viewing, checking, approving and issuing drawings directly on the software system
  • Manage RFIs and transcripts between businesses and general contractors and investors

Production – Production management

  • Make detailed production plans for each factory and subcontractor
  • Update Real-Time production data through applications installed on computers and mobile phones (Android) at all stages
    • Cutting: Cutting
    • Auto Built-Up: Rough assembly
    • Fitup: Complete assembly
    • Welding: Welding
    • Trial-Fit: Test fit
    • Blasting: Cleaning, cleaning
    • Painting: Painting
  • Monitor the production status of each Project, Zone, Phase as well as control the progress of subcontractors and processing units

Quality Control – Quality management

  • Manage information, technical records & project standards
  • Manage the quality of machining stages: Cutting, Fitup, Welding, Painting
  • Quality control by Barcode (or QR Code)
  • The 3D view function of component details directly on the tablet (Windows Tablet) helps limit incorrect Barcode pasting and avoid wrong delivery.

Packing & Delivery – Manage packing & delivery

  • Quick packing function on phone (Android) or specialized device (PDA) through scanning the barcode of the component
  • Check goods information by scanning barcodes: design information, production information.
  • Fast delivery through barcode scanning, automatically printing delivery records according to the business's order form

Erection – Management of off-site erection

  • Receive and check goods quickly on your computer or on your phone or tablet by scanning the barcode of the goods
  • Update installation progress in real time

Sân vận động RasAbu Qatar

In addition, INSTRATECH SPM provides users with reporting systems on charts, data grids, especially on 3D models of buildings. On this model, the progress of production stages, progress of packing - delivery, receiving goods off site and erection is shown through the color of each component.

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